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Phonetic Object Box 1

Early reading actvitity

This first independent reading activity allows children to experience an "ah-ha" moment when they discover they can understand someone else's thoughts.

After "writing" lots of words with the Movable Alphabet, children will be ready to "read" labels and match them to small objects. Durable, waterproof labels; 2½" x 1". Ages 3½+.

Set includes:
  • 30 Assorted Objects (see below)
  • Word Labels
  • Clear Plastic Box (B106) to hold the objects
  • Clear Plastic Box (B530) to hold the labels
  • Presentation Suggestions
  • Includes: ant, ax, bag, bat, bell, box, bug, can, cat, crab, dog, drum, fan, flag, fox, frog, golf club, hat, hen, lid, mat, mop, mug, peg, pig, pot, rabbit, tag, top and tub.

    Please note: Many of the objects used in this set are also included in item L850 Language Objects and/or our smaller language object sets (LM04 and LM05). Items may vary from those shown.
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    LM03 Phonetic Object Box 1
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    Phonetic Object Box 1

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