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Participant Feedback

It's one thing for us to tell you how great this promotion is, but it is far more meaningful to hear from teachers/schools that have participated. Here's what some recent participants have said:

"This is our major fundraiser and a great way to keep the classroom materials fresh and inviting. Parents like knowing the credits go directly back into their child's school, as opposed to raffles, etc. that raise money but is not as transparent as to how the money directly benefits their child."

"We love the variety and quality of the products. After participating for so many years, we still find great new items to supplement our school."

"We appreciate this program, as a small school (4 classrooms and less than 100 students) we utilize this program to help our teachers buy items otherwise outside of our budgetary constraints. The excitement it provides and the additional Montessori materials finding their way into homes is a wonderful benefit. There is not a part of the program that has not helped our school, our families, and our community. Thank you!"

"We enjoy this fundraiser and appreciate the organization and friendly/helpful customer service reps :-)"

"We really appreciate the promotion. It has helped us replace materials to ensure everything is in good working order for our classrooms."

"The online ordering is super simple. Thanks!"

"We love it, especially when new materials are added. We also appreciate the ability to draw from the catalog because we've participated for so long we have MANY of the items in the For Small Hands catalog. "

"Just a big thank you for offering this program and kudos to the staff!"

"Montessori Services is well organized and customer service is very helpful when we reach out—this is one of the reasons we continue to offer it every year."

"I find For Small Hands to be easy to work with! The customer service team is top notch and resolved any problems we had very quickly!"

"I found the guidance provided on how to conduct the fundraiser extremely thorough and helpful. Customer service is always incredibly friendly and helpful anytime I would call about an issue, so I always felt we were well supported."