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Flags, Charts & Maps

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  1. Flags Sticker Book

    Flags Sticker Book - From Usborne Books

    This colorful collection of over 200 flag stickers includes the national flag of every country in the world! Use the labeled stickers to make three-part cards (you’ll need two books). Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
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  2. United Nations Flag

    United Nations Flag

    This 6" x 4" flag is made of brightly colored polyester stapled securely to a plastic staff topped with a gold spearhead. Designs and emblems are accurate in both detail and color. Flag stands are sold separately. Learn More
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  3. The United States Flag Set

    The United States Flag Set - 3 Piece Set: flag, stand & book

    The U.S. flag and stand focus attention on the familiar “stars and stripes” design. The companion book for early readers explores the origin and symbolism of the flag. Learn More
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  4. Parts of a Flag Photo Cards

    Parts of a Flag Photo Cards - From Maitri Learning

    Through the familiar and flexible format of three-part photo cards this set reinforces reading skills while exploring the interesting topic of a flag. Control cards measure 3½" x 4 ½". Learn More
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  5. Parts of a Flag Photo Definition Cards

    Parts of a Flag Photo Definition Cards - From Maitri Learning

    Pair these definition cards with three-part photo cards or use individually. These cards provide expanded definitions of the parts of the flag while reinforcing reading skills. Control cards measure 3½" x 4½". Learn More
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  6. Parts of a Flag Booklet

    Parts of a Flag Booklet - From Maitri Learning

    Pair this booklet with the Parts of a Flag photo and definition cards or use individually. The 16-page, spiral-bound laminated booklet lays flat. Rounded corners prevent damage. Learn More
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  7. The American Flag

    The American Flag - A Rookie Read-About American Symbols book

    Answer children’s questions about the symbolism of national flags by sharing the origin and meaning of the U.S. flag. “fun facts”, a timeline and a glossary with pictures. Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
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  8. One-Hole Flag Stand

    One-Hole Flag Stand

    Made to accommodate one small (6" x 4") flag. This round 1-Hole stand is made of plastic and is 2½" in diameter. Learn More
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  9. The Hobo-Dyer Equal Area Projection World Map

    The Hobo-Dyer Equal Area Projection World Map

    Map makers have tried for centuries to produce a map that shows all the land and water features of Earth at true proportion. The Hobo-Dyer Map is one attempt to do so. Laminated; 17” x 11”. Learn More
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  10. 12" World Globe

    12" World Globe - Pioneer Globe from Replogle

    With raised-relief this globe shows more than 4,000 place names and has a numbered full-meridian. Sturdily constructed this globe will endure the inquisitiveness of geographers of all ages for years. 12" dia.; 15" wide overall. 17" high. Learn More
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  11. Maps, Maps, Maps!

    Maps, Maps, Maps!

    From a road map and political map, to a globe and treasure map, this introduction briefly explains each type and shows vibrant photographic examples. Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
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  12. Australia & Oceania

    Australia & Oceania - 8 flag set

    Bright polyester flags are stapled securely to plastic staffs topped with a gold spearhead. Designs and emblems are accurate in detail and color. 6" x 4". Learn More
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  13. Earth Flag

    Earth Flag - From the Authentic Earth Flag

    Fly the Earth flag to remind children of the relationships between all life on this planet. By exploring Earth, continent, country, state, city, and school/home in sequence, the child will develop a sense of place within, and an affinity for, our home. 100% nylon with metal grommets. 36" x 24". Learn More
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  14. Beginner's World Atlas

    Beginner's World Atlas - From National Geographic Kids

    Large, easy-to-read maps and stunning photos introduce the world and each of its continents. Physical and cultural geography: land and water, plants, animals, climate, countries, cities, people, etc.). Hardcover, 64 pages. Learn More
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  15. Complete Flags of the World

    Complete Flags of the World - The Ultimate Pocket Guide

    Organized by continent and indexed by country name, this edition details the origin, adoption date, and symbols of each flag in a concise, appealing style. Accurate illustrations tell as much about the flags as the information-rich text. Paperback, 320 pages. Learn More
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  16. Flags of Six Continents Replicards

    Flags of Six Continents Replicards - From In-Print for Children

    Young children love making flags. This set reproduces 65 world flag designs on 12 cardstock replicards — eight or more flags for each of six continents! Learn More

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