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  1. Matryoshka

    Matryoshka - Five Russian Nesting Dolls

    Sure to delight, children will love opening and closing these wooden dolls. They will find four smaller dolls hidden inside the largest. Nesting them together again is a challenge and provides further intrigue. Handcrafted in Russia, each piece is unique. Learn More
    100+ In Stock
  2. Green Lotus Dish

    Green Lotus Dish

    The flared edges of this small traditional Chinese dish resemble the petals of the lotus flower. Despite the small base, this 3 oz. porcelain dish is quite stable. 3⅜" dia.; 1½" deep. Learn More
    100+ In Stock
  3. 1 Ounce Mini Stainless Steel Creamer

    1 Ounce Mini Stainless Steel Creamer

    This tiny creamer is sure to be a classroom favorite. The mini spout makes for a dramatic “last drop.” 1⅜" base; 1¼" high. Learn More
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  4. 2 Ounce Mini Stainless Steel Creamer

    2 Ounce Mini Stainless Steel Creamer

    Sure to be a classroom favorite, this tiny creamer is good for refining small motor movements. The mini spout makes for a dramatic “last drop.” 1⅝" base; 1¾" high. Learn More
    100+ In Stock
  5. Lacing Board

    Lacing Board - From Plan Toys

    Engage children’s imaginations and their fine motor skills with this sturdy wooden board. Comes with 2 laces (47½" long) and 9 wooden shapes (1¼"–3¾") that can be threaded or laced together. Learn More
    7 In Stock
  6. Rocks with Matching Cards

    Rocks with Matching Cards - 12 rocks & matching cards from Miss Rhonda’s Readers

    Twelve specimens come with matching photo cards, labels, and category cards Children will progress through the activities (naming, matching, reading, and sorting) at their own pace. Specimens range from 1" to 5". Learn More
    13 In Stock
  7. Houseplant Tools

    Houseplant Tools - 3 piece Mini Garden Tool Set

    Useful for planting seeds or aerating soil, tending succulents, or to reach small spaces like flower pots or window boxes. Set includes rake (7"), wide spade (8¼"), and narrow spade (8¾"). Learn More
    Order Now! Due in Stock 4/1/2019
  8. Stack & Sort Board

    Stack & Sort Board - Wooden manipulative from Melissa & Doug

    This well-made activity is a wonderful introduction to shapes, colors, and numbers. Children will stack and count the pieces and sort them by color. All wood. 13" long; 4¼" high overall. Learn More
    30 In Stock
  9. Opposite Surprise

    Opposite Surprise

    The fanciful images in this cleverly illustrated book are sure to bring giggles to young readers as they unfold each page. A wonderful presentation of ten pairs of opposites. Actively engages the reader from start to finish! Board book, 20 pages. Learn More
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  10. Nesting Cookie Cutters

    Nesting Cookie Cutters - 4 cookie cutters from Oneida

    The classic fun shapes of these cutters can be used all year. Curved tops are coated in plastic making the cutters easy for small hands to push down and remove from the dough. The 4 pieces nest for storage. 2"-3¾" dia. Learn More
    56 In Stock
  11. Jingle Stick

    Jingle Stick

    Make merry music with this fun rhythm instrument. A dozen bells, firmly attached to the wooden handle, produce a wonderful tone. Handle is easy to grasp and shake. 6⅜". Learn More
    48 In Stock
  12. Kids in the Kitchen

    Kids in the Kitchen

    This book includes 50 fun and easy step-by-step recipes, feature children busy spooning, dipping, spreading, rolling, and cutting. Core cooking skills are introduced in different levels for children aged 3–5, 5-7, and 7–11. Hardcover, 128 pages. Learn More
    25 In Stock
  13. Finger Djembe Drum

    Finger Djembe Drum - From Jamtown

    This handcrafted African style djembe (gem-bay) drum evokes the wonderful spirit of drumming. The perfect size for children, a simple finger tap produces a wonderful sound. Mahogany base and stretched skin drum head. 4½" top dia.; 7½" high. Learn More
    6 In Stock
  14. Gold Metal Tray

    Gold Metal Tray

    The gold finish makes anything placed on this metal tray look extra-special. It is the perfect size for a variety of activities. An extended lip makes it easy for children to hold and carry. 9¾" x 6¼"; 1" deep. Learn More
    61 In Stock
  15. Pop-Up Toy

    Pop-Up Toy

    Gently press these colorful wooden figures to make them bob up and down. Press them even harder and they pop up and out! Sure to inspire smiles and giggles. 6½" x 1⅝"; 4¾" high. Learn More
    23 In Stock
  16. Colored Plastic Basket Assortment

    Colored Plastic Basket Assortment - Five round 8½" polypropylene baskets

    You’ll find dozens of ways to use (and re-use) these sturdy polypropylene baskets. This assortment includes a red, blue, yellow, green, and orange basket. Dishwasher-safe. 8½" dia.; 3" high. Learn More
    7 In Stock

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