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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the School Credit Promotion?

The For Small Hands catalog was created at the request of teachers to provide materials to support families and children at home. Any school/educational institution can use the For Small Hands catalog as a fundraiser by earning credit for Free Materials.

How do schools earn credit toward Free Materials?
  • Buy $25 or more of merchandise from For Small Hands or and the school of your choice will receive 10% in credit toward a future order.
  • Spend $500 or more and the school will receive 15%.
  • Coordinate and place a Group Order (of $500 or more) by October 21 and get FREE regular shipping (to one US address).
  • Promotion runs from September 1 - December 31.
How will my school benefit?

Each time a qualifying order is placed from For Small Hands (by mail, phone, or online) during the promotion (and assigns credit to your school), your school receives a merchandise credit. We automatically tally credits accumulated for each participating school and send a credit voucher at the end of season (usually received in February).

What is merchandise "credit"?

A merchandise credit is a voucher that is similar to a Gift Certificate. It can be used as payment on any order from our Montessori Services School Catalog (or website) or For Small Hands catalog (or website). It can be used on any order and may be combined with any other promotions or discounts. For Small Hands Credits expire at the end of the year they are issued in.

Who can earn "credit"?

Eligible recipients include any public, private, or charter school, teacher training program, preschool, after-school, daycare, or Head Start program, corporate or academic childcare center, homeschool, library, or enrichment program.

Who can give "credit"?

During the promotional period anyone placing an order of $25 or more (in merchandise) from the For Small Hands Catalog or website can designate credit to a school.

I work at/own a school. Can I credit my own school?

Yes. Provided your order is placed during the promotional period, is $25 or more, and is placed from the For Small Hands Catalog or website.

How can someone "credit" a school?

We are happy to announce that it's no longer necessary to search for school during checkout to assign credit (though you can still do that). Schools can now share a custom link that can be used to credit them automatically. Clicking through this link will show a banner at the top of the site with details of the school being credited.

Schools can request their custom link via email at, or phone at 877-975-3003 M-F, 8-4:30 Pacific Time

Without this link, someone can still search for a school during checkout and select them to be credited, so long as the merchandise total is at least $25. Under "School Credit Promotion", enter either the school's customer number, or its city and state, and choose the school from the results.

Orders with a merchandise total of $25 or more earn 10% credit; orders of $500 or more earn 15% credit.

Do I need to place my order online for my school to earn credit?

You may place your For Small Hands order by mail, phone, fax, or email. If your order is $25 or more it would be eligible for credit.

Are Gift Certificates eligible for credit?

Yes, Gift Certificates of $25 or more, purchased from For Small Hands during the promotion, are eligible for credit. Gift Certificates never expire and can be used toward future orders from For Small Hands or Montessori Services.

What are some other ways my school can use For Small Hands?
  • Hold a Parent Night to talk about implementing Montessori ideas in the home; then distribute For Small Hands.
  • Hand out For Small Hands at Parent/Teacher Conferences, where you can point out items that might interest particular children.
  • Many schools include For Small Hands catalogs in new student registration materials.
When will I know how much credit my school earned?

Credit vouchers are mailed out to schools in early February. The voucher can be redeemed on any order from the Montessori Services School Catalog, the For Small Hands catalog (or their websites) placed by December 31 of the issuing year.

How many schools earn credit each year?

Over 1,000 schools earn credit each year, several earn $500 or more.

Who/what is Montessori Services? What is their relation to For Small Hands?

Montessori Services was founded in 1976 by Jane Campbell, a trained AMI teacher. She started the company to assist other educators by offering hard-to-find items for Montessori and Early Childhood teachers and classrooms. The Montessori Services School Catalog offers over 2,000 specialty items with an emphasis on providing child-size items for the exercises of Practical Life. Selected by teachers, all of our products are inspired by Montessori's work. For Small Hands is a division of Montessori Services. The For Small Hands catalog/line was created for families at the request of teachers. It contains many of our favorite child-size items as well as Montessori-inspired books, games, and toys for families to use at home.