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Bowls & Dishes

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  1. Porcelain Egg Cup

    Porcelain Egg Cup

    Suitable for a variety of transferring or food preparation activities, this egg cup has a stable base making it less likely to tip. 1¾" top x 2½" high. Learn More
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  2. Porcelain Bowl

    Porcelain Bowl

    This 9" diameter porcelain bowl has a wide base for stability and a slightly flared edge. 2½" deep. This is the same bowl that is in our Hand Washing Activity (PL12). Learn More
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  3. Oyster Cup

    Oyster Cup

    This small glass dish has a flared rim and balances nicely on a tray. Top flares to 2⅜"; 1¾" deep x 1¾" base. Learn More
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  4. White Lotus Dish

    White Lotus Dish

    The flared edges of this small traditional Chinese dish resemble the petals of the lotus flower. Despite the small (1¼") base, this porcelain dish is quite stable. 3⅛" dia.; 1⅜" deep. The size may vary slightly. Learn More
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  5. Small Glass Bowl ~ 2¼" dia.

    Small Glass Bowl ~ 2¼" dia.

    You'll find dozens of uses for this durable glass bowl throughout the classroom (or home). The small size of this bowl makes it easy for children to use just the right amount of glue, paint, or polish. 2¼" dia. (1" deep). Learn More
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  6. Small Glass Bowl Set

    Small Glass Bowl Set - Six pieces; 2 1/4" dia. each

    Because one is never enough!You'll find dozens of uses for this durable glass bowl throughout the classroom (or home). Use in food preparation, polishing, transferring, color mixing, and in art and science activities and experiments. 2¼" dia. (1" deep). Learn More
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  7. Glass Bowl  3" dia

    Glass Bowl 3" dia

    3" x 1¼" deep. A slightly larger than our glass bowl (G300). Learn More
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  8. Glass Bowl  3 1/2" dia

    Glass Bowl 3 1/2" dia

    1½" deep. An intermediate sized glass bowl. Learn More

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  9. Glass Bowl  4 3/4" dia

    Glass Bowl 4 3/4" dia

    2" deep. Just the right size for beating an egg with a whisk, and large enough to serve snack, or to hold items for transferring. Learn More
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  10. Mixing Bowl  8" dia

    Mixing Bowl 8" dia

    3½" deep. A bowl deep enough so ingredients stay inside while mixing (most of the time!). Learn More

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  11. Small Glass Jigger

    Small Glass Jigger

    Thick glass sides and a weighted bottom make this glass ideal for teaching the use of an Eye Dropper (J70 or J72). ⅞ oz.; 1¼" base dia. x 2¼" high. Learn More
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  12. 1 Ounce Stainless Steel Cup

    1 Ounce Stainless Steel Cup

    Use for transferring or sorting or in food preparation. This shallow sauce cup has a wide base that is unlikely to tip. 2¼" dia.; 1" deep. Learn More
    68 In Stock
  13. 2 Ounce Stainless Steel Cup

    2 Ounce Stainless Steel Cup

    This flared sauce cup is a good drinking cup for toddlers when glass is not desired. Use for transferring, sorting, or in food preparation. 2¼" dia.; 1¾" deep. Learn More
    74 In Stock
  14. Maple Dish Set

    Maple Dish Set - 4 pieces

    Use these small bowls for sorting and transferring activities or to hold beads for math work. Solid maple, with a mineral oil finish. 2¼" top dia. x ¾" deep. Learn More
    88 In Stock
  15. Round Wooden Bowl

    Round Wooden Bowl

    Use this food-safe bowl in the kitchen area, for presenting something special, for a transferring or sorting exercise, and for serving. 4" base x 1¼" deep. Learn More
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  16. Wooden Transferring Set

    Wooden Transferring Set

    This lightly lacquered set is hand carved from native South Pacific hardwood. The bowls have pretty, scalloped edges, and the tray has tapered sides, making it easy to carry. A lovely addition to a Practical Life shelf. Includes tray, 2 bowls, and 2 spoons. Learn More
    No Longer Available

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