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Article Archive for Teachers & Schools

The following articles for teachers and schools will inspire and support you in your work with children. Additionally, there are articles written for parents and families which you may distribute - print, email, or add to a newsletter (please retain the credits at the bottom of the email). Most articles are written by Montessori teachers on our staff.

Montessori Philosophy

Parent-Teacher Conferences Conversations Establishing relationships with parents.

Independence in the Classroom School routines help children become self-motivated.

Maria Montessori: What You May Not Know Some history of a remarkable woman.

The Uninterrupted Work Period Fosters Deep Concentration Children need time to focus.

The Art of Observation A teacher’s most important skill.

Cultivating Respect Montessori teachers' unique communication skills.

Three-Year Multi-Age Grouping in the Montessori Classroom Benefits of age diversity in the classroom.

Normalization in the Montessori Classroom Lessons that develop self-discipline.

Practical Life

Practical Life: The Soul of the Montessori Classroom Keeping the exercises relevant.

Earth Day at Your "Green" School Working towards an ever-greener school environment.

Making and Eating Snacks in Class Delicious activities of Practical Life.

Scissors Skills for Children Beginning and advanced exercises.

Sewing and Weaving in the Classroom Creating handiwork lessons.

Tools in the Practical Life Area Woodworking lessons in school.

Practical Life in the Garden How to germinate seeds, prepare the garden and harvest.

Cooking with Children in the Montessori Classroom Individual and group food lessons that extend to home.

Bring a Montessori Lunch Program Back to School Lunch in the classroom.

Polish Up Your Polishing Activities! Montessori Services' search for a new beeswax polish for shoes.


Poetry for Children It’s fun to read, recite and compose poetry.

Sandpaper Letters-Refresh Your Presentation An essential key to writing and reading.

Cursive Handwriting: How Important Is It? Start with cursive or printing?

Fostering the Love of Books Caring for and choosing books.

Take Another Look at the Metal Insets Lesson reminders and extensions.

Words + Movement = Reading Labeling objects in the classroom and importance of movement.

Words, Words, Words: Oral Language in the Montessori Classroom Using vocabulary throughout the curriculum.

Sensorial, Math, and Science

Building the Mathematical Mind Mastering the concrete before the abstract.

The Joy of Geography Maps and globes describe the world.

Art Appreciation: Child-Size Masterpieces Fine art activities for the classroom.

The Magic of Color in the Classroom Color mixing and games with the Color Tablets.

There’s More to Physical Science Than Sink and Float Science lessons made easy.

Sensorial Games and Variations: Keep it Fresh! Games and variations for Sensorial Materials.

Sensorial Sounds Montessori Bells in the Classroom.

Preparing the Environment

Music in the Montessori Classroom Integrate music into everyday activities.

Cool Summer Water Lessons Wet activities for outside.

Finding Freedom in Routine Importance of predictable routines.

Cultivating Peace in the Classroom Lessons of grace and courtesy.

Art in the Montessori Environment Ideas for the art area and extensions.

Glass in the Classroom and Home How children can manage fragile items.

Sourcing Classroom Materials Montessori Services helps teachers with product selection and research.

Hosting a Montessori Menagerie Caring for classroom pets and visiting animals.

The Outdoor Prepared Environment Oversight, observation and communication on the playground.

The Ground Was Our Writing Board Lakshmi Kripalani's school in a refuge camp.

Outdoor Activities for Late Winter / Early Spring Ideas from several sources.

Group Activities

Celebrations and Holidays in the Montessori Classroom Making holidays part of the curriculum.

The Importance of the Silence Game Children listen and move ever so quietly.

Walking on the Meandering Line Activities for the classroom line.

Many Ways to Give Lessons of generosity and gift-making.

How to Help Children Get the Most from Classroom Celebrations Tips and themes for special days.

Grace & Courtesy Stories from the Montessori Classroom and Beyond! Examples of how lessons extend into life.

The Benefits of Cooperation Republished from "Family Pastimes".


Grace & Courtesy for Elementary Children It's more than just good manners.

The Fundamental Needs Of Humans: A Montessori lesson for elementary children.

The Hand Chart: A Montessori History Lesson An impressionistic lesson for elementary students.

The Long Black Strip: A Lesson in Humility An impressionistic elementary lesson.


Michael Dorer, Montessori Storyteller How to reinforce learning with stories.

40 Years of Montessori Services An interview with founder Jane Campbell.

Aline Wolf's Montessori Journey Part I of Interview with Parent Child Press founder.

Aline Wolf's Montessori Journey Part II of Interview with Parent Child Press founder.

She Was Trained by Maria and Mario Montessori Part I An interview with Lakshmi Kripalani.

She Was Trained by Maria and Mario Montessori Part II An interview with Lakshmi Kripalani.

Article Archive for Parents & Families

Parenting Hints

I Want Them To Be Happy How to make happiness happen.

Talking with Young Children about the Death of a Pet Respond to children’s feelings and needs.

For Parents Who Worry (Isn’t That All of Us?) Children learn without our pushing.

Realistic and Relaxed Parenting With a little preparation, you can feel secure.

Good Manners at Home Teaching children social skills for life.

Praise and Punishment Re-thinking some popular parenting strategies.

Off to School Starting school on the right foot

It's OK to Stay Home & Just Play Children need free time.

Choosing Books to Read to Your Young Child Reading for ages 1 through 6.

Managing Daily Transitions Routines in a typical day.

Cultivating Peace at Home Ideas from the Montessori classroom.

I Did It All By Myself Encouraging your child's independence.

Choosing a Pet for Children to Keep at Home Caring for pets whether wild, catch and release, or permanent.

Observing Your Child Ideas from Montessori Education Week.

Let Me Help! Republished from 1978 NAMTA Montessori Talks to Parents.

Inspired Parenting Montessori Style Good tips compiled from AMI.

Back to School Resources Ideas from Montessori organizations.

Ideas for Classroom Giving What parents can give to the classroom.

How Children Learn

Getting Ready to Leave How to help your child become independent.

A Free and Easy Summer Parents and children benefit from free time.

Real vs. Imaginary Play for Young Children Reality comes before creative imagination.

Back to Basic Blocks Endless possibilities for fun and learning.

Let Them Help Surprising benefits when children help with household tasks.

What Do Children Really Need? Providing your children with the essentials.

Music Matters Music and learning go hand in hand.

Everyday Math at Home Math lives at home with us.

Must Toys Be “Educational”? Children learn by simply playing.

Making Sense of the World Infants and young children learn through their senses.

Movement Enhances Learning Children learn by moving.

The Three-Period Lesson Montessori's classic teaching tool.

Cursive Handwriting in the 21st Century Will cursive handwriting survive?

How Children Learn to Write Developing the skills to hold a pencil and write.

Language Learning at Home Communicating with your child from birth through age 6.

Children and Money: Good Habits Begin Early Teaching children about money.

Music Education at Home Republished from How To Raise an Amazing Child.

Practical Life

Celebrating Earth Day Enjoying and protecting our natural resources.

Let Your Children Help in the Kitchen Children can prepare and serve food.

Practical Life: It's Amazing Even the youngest can help at home.

Children Love to Sew, Weave, and Knit Learning fun and practical skills.

Children at the Workbench Using woodworking tools.

Guess Who Will Be Helping with Spring Cleaning? Organizing toys and cleaning at home.

Baking with Children Easy and more advanced pastry projects.

Pack a Child's Lunch Montessori Style Making a healthy lunch with your child.

Indoor Activities

Toys and the Boxes They Come In Children love the boxes and the wrappings, too.

The Youngest Artist Creating art with just a few materials.

Winter Nights At Home Family games and activities.

Giving Thanks and Making Gifts Ideas for celebrating the holidays.

Creating Art at Home Materials and activities to encourage artistic creativity.

Turn Evening Ho Hum into Family Fun Republished from Family Fun.

Outdoor Activities

Gardening With Children Many benefits from even the smallest project.

"Go Outside and Play" Enjoying the outdoors every day.

Family Vacationing Made Easier Traveling with children.

An Old-Fashioned Summer Outside water activities.

Hiking with Children Adapting the outdoor adventures to your child's needs.

Backyard Camping, Montessori Style Camping close to home.

Grow a Tree Now to Plant Next Year Growing a seedling to plant later.

Puddle-Stomping: Not Just for Summer Any More Cold weather activities.

Stargazing with Children Beginning astronomy.

Daddy, What Does a Forest Look Like? Bringing children and nature together.

Create a Travel Kit with Montessori in Mind Planning for trips with children.

Summer Fun in Your Own Backyard from 101 Places you Gotta See Before Age 12.

Montessori Philosophy

40 Years of Montessori Services An interview with founder Jane Campbell.

Maria Montessori: A Little History A brief biography.

Multi-Age Grouping: Observation + Imitation = Learning Benefits of mixed ages in classroom.

Please. Thank you. You're Welcome, Excuse me. May I Join You? Montessori grace and courtesy lessons at home.

Montessori Vocabulary Made Clear From "Understanding Montessori" by Maren Schmidt.

Cosmic Education: The Heart of the Montessori Elementary Classroom Study of the ongoing creation of the universe.

Creativity: Essential to Learning Creativity in Montessori class.

Glass in the Classroom and Home Learning to be careful with fragile objects.

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