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Teacher Favorites

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  1. Crayon Rocks

    Crayon Rocks - 16 piece soy-based crayon assortment

    Made of soybean wax tinted with natural mineral powders, these are great for young children developing and strengthening the pincer grip needed to control a pencil. 1each of 16 different colored crayons (approx. 1¼") in a velvety drawstring bag. Learn More
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  2. Wood-Handled Puncher

    Wood-Handled Puncher

    The Wood Handled Puncher is the same diameter as a pencil — this work will help develop the small muscle groups needed for learning to grip a pencil correctly. Wooden handle is 2½" long; metal punch is ¾" long. Learn More
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  3. Clear Plastic Box

    Clear Plastic Box - 3 1/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/4" deep

    At 3 1/8" long this box is a good size for bead bars. When children can see inside a container, the materials it holds are more alluring. This box has rounded corners and an unhinged, removable lid. 3 1/8" x 2½" x 1¼" deep. Learn More
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  4. Clear Plastic Box

    Clear Plastic Box - 5⅞" x 3⅝" overall; 1½" deep

    Language cards (3" x 5") fit perfectly in this popular size. When children can see inside a container, the materials it holds are more alluring. This box has rounded corners and an unhinged, removable lid. 5⅞" x 3⅝" overall; 1½" deep. Learn More
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  5. Clear Plastic Box

    Clear Plastic Box - 6" square x 1" deep

    At 6" square this is the largest plastic box we carry. This box stacks well when shelf space is tight. This box has rounded corners and an unhinged, removable lid. The lid is as deep as the box; open by lifting it straight up, using the side finger slots. 6" square x 1" deep. Learn More
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  6. Medium Colored Plastic Boxes

    Medium Colored Plastic Boxes

    10 colors to match the chain colors in the Montessori (Nienhuis) Bead Cabinet. Medium boxes are 1 5/8" square x 2 7/8" high; specify color. Learn More
  7. Wavy Chopper

    Wavy Chopper - Crinkle-cut knife

    Children love preparing snacks with this handy tool. Small, easy-to-grip handle. Show them how to place both hands on top, to keep their fingers safely out of the way. 3" x 3½". Hand wash. Assorted colors. Learn More
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  8. Vegetable Chopper with Wooden Handle

    Vegetable Chopper with Wooden Handle - Crinkle-cut knife

    Use this classic chopper to model placement of hands for using a knife: hold the wooden handle with one hand and push down on the top of the blade with the other, keeping fingers safely away from the blade. 6¾" long. Learn More
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  9. Wood-Handled Spreader

    Wood-Handled Spreader - Blunt first knife for young children

    The youngest children can apply soft spreads at snack or lunch with this well-made utensil. Safe and easy for children to manage, with stainless steel blade and wood handle. 4½". Learn More
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  10. Economy Juice Glasses

    Economy Juice Glasses - Set of 6 glasses

    Encourage children to develop self-confidence and independence by offering a “glass” glass. The smooth-sided glass holds 4 ounces. 1 7/8 base" x 3½" high; dishwasher-safe. Learn More
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  11. Small Glass Decanter

    Small Glass Decanter - 3.5 ounce

    Easy to grasp, two of these decanters make an excellent beginning pouring exercise with water or small grains. The flared top allows the child to pour from any side of the decanter. Holds 3½ ounces. 2" base x 3¼" high. Learn More
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  12. Small Glass Creamer

    Small Glass Creamer

    Made of thick, restaurant-quality glass for durability, this has been our most popular pitcher for years. Holds 2½ ounces. 2" base; 2¼" high. Learn More
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  13. Mini Pitcher

    Mini Pitcher

    Handling this delicate pitcher requires refined control of movement to ensure pouring without spilling. One of our smallest pitchers. Holds ¾ ounce. 1¼" base x 2" high. Learn More
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  14. 3 oz. Porcelain Pitcher

    3 oz. Porcelain Pitcher

    For various classroom and home needs. The small size of this pitcher works well in water or grain pouring activities; the opaque porcelain provides added challenge when pouring. Holds 3 ounces; 1¾" base x 3¼" high. Learn More
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  15. Pinch Decanter

    Pinch Decanter - 1.5 oz. glass vase

    The narrow neck and opening of this glass decanter make it perfect for using with a funnel for a pouring variation. Also attractive as a small vase. Holds 1½ ounces. 2" base x 3½" high. Learn More
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  16. Stainless Steel Funnel

    Stainless Steel Funnel

    A small funnel with a handle! The downspout of this funnel will fit into narrow-necked bottles such as the Pinch Decanter (G236), the Eye Dropper Bottles (J72, J82), and Tasting Bottles (Y70). 2⅛" dia. x 2⅜" long; ⅜" dia. downspout. Learn More
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