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These articles for teachers and schools will inspire and support you in your work with children. Additionally, there are articles written for parents and families which you may distribute - print, email, or add to a newsletter (please retain the credits at the bottom of the email). Most articles are written by Montessori teachers on our staff.
Earth Day at Your "Green" School
Working towards an ever-greener school environment.

Making and Eating Snacks in Class
Delicious activities of Practical Life.

Scissors Skills for Children
Beginning and advanced exercises.

Sewing and Weaving in the Classroom
Creating handiwork lessons.

Tools in the Practical Life Area
Woodworking lessons in school.

The Importance of the Silence Game
Children listen and move ever so quietly.

Walking on the Meandering Line
Activities for the classroom line.

Practical Life in the Garden
How to germinate seeds, prepare the garden and harvest.

Cooking with Children in the Montessori Classroom
Individual and group food lessons that extend to home.

Polish Up Your Polishing Activities!
Montessori Services' search for a new beeswax polish for shoes.