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Miss Rhonda's Phonetic Word Cards

From Miss Rhonda's Readers

Designed by a Montessori teacher, this smaller version of the traditional Montessori phonetic word cards offers multiple levels of challenge.

After the child knows all the sounds of the letters, and has worked with the Movable Alphabet and the Phonetic Object Box, introduce the 23 simple three-letter words with short vowels.

As the child gains mastery, add the 28 four-letter words (with blends and double consonants) and the 11 two- or three-syllable phonetic words.

62 coated cardstock cards (3½" x 2"). Use with Acrylic Display 1 (B711). Ages 4+.
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L605 Miss Rhonda's Phonetic Word Cards
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Miss Rhonda's Phonetic Word Cards

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