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Snack Cards

A Way for Children to Make Their Own Snacks

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Most Montessori classrooms are set up so children can serve themselves a daily snack whenever they want (rather than group snack). Now children can also prepare their own snacks independently.

First, set out the ingredients as shown on the back of the cards. Place one the four photo cards next to each of the corresponding ingredients. Children can easily follow the pictures, or read the simple sentence, to know what to do. “Cut one slice of bread into 4 pieces… Spread honey butter… Make 2 sandwiches… Take 3 apple slices.”

Each recipe uses healthy ingredients and may even introduce new foods. All the recipes require children to be active in the preparation, using a skill such as spreading, slicing, mixing, or squeezing. Children make kabobs… spread cream cheese or guacamole… slice cheese… squeeze oranges…mix fruit salad… If necessary, present any new skills before introducing the snack.

Teacher prep and helpful hints included. 4 cards per recipe; 10 recipes in all. Cardstock cards are 4” x 6”. Use with Bent Acrylic Photo Holder Set (X124).
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Snack Cards

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