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Rocks with Matching Cards

12 rocks & matching cards from Miss Rhonda’s Readers

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Twelve rocks give children a dozen reasons to get excited about geology. Specimens come with matching photo cards, labels, and category cards (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous).

Teach the names of the rocks: obsidian, marble, quartzite… .

Then, match each specimen to its photo card. Read the names and then match the labels to each rock. Finally, sort each rock by its category.

Children will progress through the activities (naming, matching, reading, and sorting) at their own pace. Detailed information for each rock is included on the reverse of each card, with a photo of where each can be found (like the White Cliffs of Dover).

Coated cardstock cards are 4⅛" x 5½". Specimens range from 1" to 5". (Color and size of rocks vary.) For Primary and Lower Elementary, ages 3 - 9.
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Rocks with Matching Cards

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