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Get to Know Rocks & Minerals

A complete curriculum for the study of rocks & minerals from

Porphyry, slate, dolomite, hematite, garnet — so many to discover! Stunning specimens convey the wonders of geology.

  • 60 different rock or mineral specimens (2 pieces each of 30 different different specimen. Samples may vary. Sizes range from ¼" – 2"
  • One specimen is labeled and one is unlabeled; packaged in clearly labeled bags
  • Includes 5 each of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks (15 pairs) and 15 different minerals (15 pairs)
  • Info cards for each specimen
  • Download the accompanying e-book (instructions included) with extensive related curriculum materials, including lesson plans for more than 50 Montessori Elementary activities for the study of rocks, minerals, plate tectonics, volcanoes, layers of the Earth, weathering, and more! E-book also includes lab sheets, charts, and graphs to accompany the lessons. Ages 5+.
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    SC398 Get to Know Rocks and Minerals
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    Get to Know Rocks & Minerals

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