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Pre-Cursive Movable Alphabet Cards

From Maitri Learning

An economical version of a key material the Montessori classroom simply cannot do without. These small alphabet cards provide the same bridge between the intellectual formation of words and pencil writing as the traditional cut-out alphabets do, at a fraction of the cost. 1½" x 2" laminated cards. Ages 3 ½+.

  • 20 of each high frequency consonant (n, r, s, t)
  • 10 of each of all of the other consonants in pink
  • 20 of each vowel in blue
  • 20 of y (10 blue and 10 red)
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    Please note: These cards are also available in Cursive (L505), and Print (L506). Choose the style that matches your other language materials.
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    L507 Movable Alphabet - Pre-Cursive
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    Pre-Cursive Movable Alphabet Cards

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