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Plants "Who am I?"

From In-Print for Children

“Who am I?” stories are one of the most popular activities in Montessori Elementary classrooms.

Ten distinctive plants are presented in this duplicate set of picture and description cards.

First, children can lay out the picture, label, and description cards, using the control cards to check themselves.

Later, one child reads the description of the plant and classmates try to find the corresponding picture card and label.

Subjects include: sunflower, dandelion, moss, blue spruce, palm, venus flytrap, ivy, amaryllis, cactus, and fern.

Set includes 10 pairs of picture and description cards (20 cards in all) and lesson suggestions. Laminated cardstock cards are 6¼" x 4"; cut one set apart to make three-part cards. Ages 5 - 8.

Please note: This set is part of the Animals & Plants “Who am I?” Set (EM55).
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EM54 Plants - Who am I?
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