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Phyla of the Plant Kingdom

Photo Cards from Big Picture Science

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Compiled for the Montessori Elementary classroom, this set illustrates the phyla of the plant kingdom and the classes of flowering plants. These stunning, information-rich photo cards are an outstanding introduction to the taxonomy of the plant kingdom. A springboard for discovery — invite children to bring blossoms from home or add photos to the collection, then let them pinpoint the specimen ’s place in the taxonomic system. Particularly useful when live specimens are not available!

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EM401 Major Branches of the Plant Kingdom
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Phyla of the Plant Kingdom

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Set includes 40 vibrant photo cards on glossy cardstock (information on back), related “family tree” diagram showing taxonomic organization, and activity suggestions. 5½" x 4¼".

Fits inside our clear plastic Box (B107, rounded corners with unhinged, removable lid). You may also want to consider the Flowering Plant Families photo cards (EM403).