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Word Study Cards

From Maitri Learning

Word study activities help children become deep readers. With these 11 packets of cards (142 in all), children will have ample room to explore the English language.

Each packet includes left-handed and right-handed cards. Children lay out a left-handed column of cards and then figure out which right-handed cards match (e.g., pan and cake, rich and wealthy, cat and kitten). Soon children will be creating their own lists.

The 6 basic sets include: Antonyms 1; Antonyms 2; Synonyms; Compound Words; Homonyms; and Contractions. By process of elimination, these sets are self-correcting.

The 5 other sets each come with a control chart: Animals/Groups; Animals/Homes; Animals/Young (pictured); Masculine & Feminine – Humans; and Masculine & Feminine – Animals.

The laminated cards are 2¾" x 1¾" control charts are 4¾" x 5½". Rounded corners minimize damage. Lesson plans included. Ages 4½ - 8.
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