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Function of Words Grammar Set

for 18 sequential games from Maitri Learning

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Working with the Montessori Function of Words (grammar) activities is an important step for children to take to become fluent in the written and spoken word.

This invaluable set includes 232 laminated word, phrase, or photo cards with instructions for 18 sequential Function of Words games featuring the article (includes photo cards), adjective, verb, adverb, conjunction, preposition, and commands.

For initial presentations, the part of speech being introduced is printed in text color-coded to the grammar symbol (e.g. red for verbs, orange for adverb, pink for conjunction, etc.). Ready-to-cut-out cardstock grammar symbols are scaled to these cards

Word and photo cards are 2¾" x 1¾" phrase cards are 5½" x 1¾". All cards are laminated (except the grammar symbols). Rounded corners prevent damage. Ages 4½+.
Instructions provide detailed information for organizing and displaying the work, as well as instructions outlining the presentation of 18 specific lessons.

Set includes:
  • The Article Game: word and photo cards for 12 article phrases
  • Adjective Box 1: word cards for 10 nouns and 10 adjectives
  • Adjective Box 2 (Logical & Chain): word and photo cards for 10 adjective phrases
  • The Conjunction: word cards for the ten bar, the hundred square, and the thousand cube, a pink ribbon, and two word cards with and
  • The Preposition: phrase cards for 4 phrases and 6 prepositions, and two word cards for and
  • Verb Box 1 (Introduction): word cards for 3 verbs and 6 nouns
  • Verb Box 2 (Charades): word cards for 10 verbs
  • Adverb Box 1 (Charades): word cards for 10 verbs and 10 adverbs
  • Adverb Box 2 (Logical & Chain): word cards for 10 verbs and 10 adverbs
  • Verb Box 3 (Transitive & Intransitive): word cards for 6 transitive, one-word actions and phrase cards for 6 action phrases with an object
  • Verb Box 4 (Syntax): word cards for 6 verb phrases where the verb changes its function when the order of the phrase is changed
  • Verb Box 5 (Mental Activity): word cards for 8 verb phrases having to do with thinking and imagining
  • Command Boxes 1 (Two Actions), 2 (Two Actions & One Object), 3 (Two Actions & Two Objects) , and 4 (Two Actions & Two Objects with Pronouns): each includes word cards for 10 different phrases
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