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Fossils with Matching Cards

From Miss Rhonda's Readers

A beautiful set of eight fossils with matching photo cards! Ranging in size from 1"–4", these fossils were chosen to give children specimens as large as practical to examine.

This intriguing set provides various activities so children can progress through the activities (naming, matching, reading, and sorting) at their own pace.

First, teach the names of the fossils: turritella agate, orthoceras, ammonite ... Then, match each fossil to its photo card. The next activity is to match the name labels to its specimen.

On the reverse of each card is an illustration of what the living fossil looked like so many years ago and information about the fossil.

Coated cardstock cards are 4¼" x 5½". Color, size, and type of specimens vary. For Primary and Early Elementary children, ages 3–9.
Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
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