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General Classroom Assortments

Pre-packaged classroom ready assortments

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Outfit your classroom with this convenient set of storage, display, and supply assortments — a perfect choice when starting a new classroom (or refreshing an established one). Individual kit contents may vary.

Please note: Click the links below to view the photo and description for each individual activity. Each activity can also be ordered individually.

Set includes:
  • Work Rugs (GC07)
  • Felt Mats (X604)
  • Natural Fiber Baskets (GC08)
  • Plastic Trays (GC09)
  • Displays (X636)
  • Plastic Boxes (GC03)
  • Scissors (A58)
  • Vinyl Mats with Rounded Corners (X609)

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    GC100 General Classroom Assortments
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    General Classroom Assortments

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