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Parts of the Vertebrates Booklets

5 External Anatomy Booklets from Maitri Learning

The perfect control for definition card work, these spiral-bound books lay flat.

Images isolate the part named in its natural color while the rest of the animal fades into the background in muted shades of gray. Named part is highlighted red in text.

Printed on recycled paper, then laminated. 5½" x 4¼". 24-26 pages.

  • Parts of the Fish Booklet (SC900)
  • Parts of the Frog Booket (SC901)
  • Parts of the Turtle Booklet (SC902)
  • Parts of the Bird Booklet (SC903)
  • Parts of the Horse Booklet (SC904)
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    SC905 Vertebrates External Parts Book Set
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    Parts of the Vertebrates Booklets

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