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Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit

Hands-on physical science activity

An innovative hands-on adventure with forces that affect children's lives every day! By making circuits with these snap-together pieces, children can light a bulb, run a fan, or create sound.

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step diagrams; each activity prepares for the next. Once children have completed activities in sequence, they will understand enough to experiment with their own circuit designs--lots of room for trial and error!

Great experiments with magnetism (characteristics, fields, polarity) and electricity (hand-generation, electric motors, circuits, connections, switches). Ages 8+; younger with adult assistance.

Set includes:
  • All components required to create basic battery- or hand-powered electric circuits
  • 8 Magnets
  • Power source with 2 AA batteries
  • Hand-crank generator
  • 6 Connectors
  • Sound source
  • 2 Light bulbs
  • Fan
  • LED light
  • Switches and assorted components
  • 42-page instruction and resource booklet
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    EM502 Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit
    Made in CHINA
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    Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit

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