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Animal X-Rays

From Roylco

Which bones do all the vertebrates have in common? Do turtles have teeth? Children will soon find out as they explore the bone structures of 14 real animals.

Actual x-rays can be matched to highly detailed color photographs of each animal. X-rays have been computer-enhanced to show the animal’s body outline surrounding the skeleton, allowing young children to more readily recognize the animal.

Many possible uses in the classroom — compare individual animals, identify common traits and differences, or sort into vertebrate classes.

X-ray images are printed on heavy, transparent plastic, suitable for photocopying as well as direct study. Each of the five vertebrate classes are represented. 28 pieces in all. Ages 5+.

  • fish: pumpkinseed sunfish, frontosa cichlid
  • amphibians: dwarf crocodile eggs, leaf frog
  • reptiles: green tree python, veiled chameleon, infant green iguana, western diamondback rattlesnake, box turtle
  • bird: red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture
  • mammals: common marmoset, infant kangaroo, European rabbit
  • Resource pages with activity ideas (English and French)
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Animal X-Rays

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