Solid, Liquid, Gas Sorting Jars

Young Scientist Activity Set

This key hands-on physics activity helps children recognize the characteristics of three forms of matter, then use their observations to identify other everyday objects.

First, children lay out three labels (solid, liquid, gas) and sort nine wide-mouth glass jars (with water-tight, screw-on lids) filled with the different forms of matter under the labels. Later, extend the activity to sorting items from the environment.

This set corresponds to the Solid, Liquid, Gas Sorting activity from Montessorian Meg Fedorowicz’s comprehensive guide to hands-on classroom physics, Nurturing the Young Scientist. It’s never been easier to give children foundational science experiences that they can draw upon throughout their lives! Ages 3 to 8.

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SC880 Solid Liquid Gas Sorting Jars
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Solid, Liquid, Gas Sorting Jars

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Activity set includes:
  • 3 Durable, waterproof labels
  • 9 Glass Jars & Lids (J800)—3 “solid” jars (with items to sort); 3 “gas” jars (empty); 3 “liquid” jars (to be filled with liquids)
  • Tray (T550)
  • Presentation ideas