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Solid Sort ~Size, Color, Shape

A young scientist hands-on activity set

This set reinforces the observation that solids come in different sizes, colors, and shapes, and introduces the idea that some characteristics are relative. It includes three activities for exploring solids.

Size Sort uses the three labels shown (small, medium, large).

Color Sort and Shape Sort are open-ended with many possible ways to sort (and no labels).

Children can sort by any color or shape they perceive in the items; many wonderful variations, all of them correct.

This set corresponds to three activities from Montessorian Meg Fedorowicz’s comprehensive guide to hands-on classroom physics, Nurturing the Young Scientist. Ages 3+.

Set includes:
  • 3 Durable, waterproof labels
  • 18 Items to sort
  • Round Plastic Basket (K30)
  • Presentation ideas
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    SC881 Solid - Size Color Shape Sort

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    Solid Sort ~Size, Color, Shape

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