Time Line of Life

From Azoka Company

This package provides beautifully made materials children will use to explore and research the history of life on Earth. The hand-colored control chart is color-coded to match the Clock of Eras, with eras delineated into their different periods. The matching mute chart (no pictures) has the same red lines as the control, to help children know where to lay out the pre-cut era labels and die-cut picture cards. The companion books and cards are first research support for the Time Line.

Mural-Style Time Line: The control and mute chart are each one-continuous piece (116" x 20½").

Panel-Style Time Line (not pictured): The control and mute chart are cut into four pieces (29" x 20½" each) so children can bring one panel at a time to their work area.

The control, mute chart, picture cards, and era labels are all laminated (5-mil). Updated in 2010.

Each Time Line Package includes:
  • Control (Mural or Panel Style)
  • Mute Chart
  • Die-cut Picture Cards
  • Era Labels
  • Book 1: Paleozoic Era (EM70)
  • Book 2: Mesozoic Era, Cenozoic Era (EM71)
  • Companion Cards (EM813)
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    Time Line of Life

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