Parts of the Bird 3-Part Photo Cards

External Anatomy Cards from Maitri Learning

The bird’s anatomy, modeled by a colorful zebra finch, illustrates the main features of birds. Use these cards to teach 12 parts of the bird’s body.

The photos isolate each part in its natural color while the rest of the animal recedes into the background in muted shades of gray.

12 parts, 36 cards total in each set. Includes general information about the animal. Rounded corners prevent damage. Printed on recycled paper. Control card with label measures 3½" x 4¼". Available unlaminated or laminated (the 5-mil laminate extends just to the edge of each card, not beyond). Ages 3-10

Parts include: bird, eyes, beak, nostrils, ear patches, head, neck, wings, torso, legs, feet, and tail.

Use Clear Plastic Box (B108).

Please note: This set is part of the All Vertebrates Parts of... Photo Cards Sets (SC760, SC761). When children are ready, you can introduce the Parts of the Bird Definition Cards (SC753, SC755).
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Parts of the Bird 3-Part Photo Cards

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