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The Learn to Play Color Chord Ukulele

Real soprano ukulele from Kala Brand Music Co.

Simple to learn and fun to play, a ukulele is an ideal first instrument for children.

Crafted by a leading maker of ukuleles, this real soprano ukulele is made of ABS composite plastic.

Approximately 21" x 6½" overall. Ages 3+.

  • Durable water-resistant body
  • Nickel-plated gear turners
  • Color-coded fretboard inlays help teach chords
  • Storage bag
  • Free online lessons
  • Tuning app
  • Gift boxed
See videos (below) for some sample songs.

Please note: This item has a Prop 65 warning on the inside of the packaging that was placed there in error by the factory. This item is completely safe and has passed all testing and is exempted from Prop 65. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. The manufacturer is working with the factory to remedy this in the future.

We also offer a Mahogany Ukulele (M07).
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