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The Golden Mat ~ Thousands

From Azoka Company

This appealing material is a wonderful bridge between the Stamp Game and the Small Bead Frame, providing another path "from the concrete to the abstract!"

This mat allows children to manipulate the Montessori colored bead bars (not included) to explore addition, multiplication, and subtraction and will provide hands-on experience with exchanging (carrying and borrowing).

Using this mat will reinforce the concept of the hierarchy of numbers. Color-coded embroidery across the top will help children understand place value up to thousands.

A five-bar in the units column is five; a six-bar in the tens column is 60; an eight-bar in the hundreds column is 800; a two-bar in the thousands column is 2000. 2,865!

This mat is on the path for children who are drawn to the work of the Checkerboard, yet are not fully ready for its complexity. Extensive presentations of activities included. Heavy, durable cotton; machine washable. 21" x 9". Ages 4½+.
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