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Swiss Vegetable Peeler - Orange

Kuhn RiKon Peeler

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Featuring an easy-grip handle and a carbon-steel blade, this peeper is very easy to use.

Suited for right- or left-handed use. Includes a potato-eye remover on the side. Hand wash. 4¼ long. Ages 5+, with adult supervision.

Also available in White (D316) or Green (D425).

A note from the manufacturer: Our Swiss Peelers have a carbon steel blade – these are not stainless steel. It is always recommended that these particular peelers be towel dried immediately after use and washing to avoid rust build-up. Cooks and chefs prefer the carbon steel blades over stainless due to the fact that they stay sharp for longer periods of time. You can clean the rust off the blade by taking a sponge that has an abrasive side to it. This will clean the rust but won't damage the blade. The blade is not defective – the care and use is just different from that of stainless steel.
Adult discretion and supervision are necessary when children are using items marked with this symbol; these items have (or contain) functional sharp points and/or sharp edges.
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