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Simple Stopwatch

From Learning Resources

How many minutes does it take to sweep up? How many seconds before the fish have eaten all their fish flakes? Satisfy the young child’s need to understand the passage of time with a large-scale timepiece the youngest child can operate independently.

Functional and uncomplicated, with one green “go” button, one red “stop” button, and one yellow “clear” button. Big digital display ticks off hundredths of a second, seconds, and minutes.

You and the children will find many ways to use this handy stopwatch, from mathematics and science activities to food preparation. Rugged, plastic housing (3" dia.) with a 17" nylon breakaway cord. 1.5V (LR44) button cell battery included. Assorted colors. Ages 4+.
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SC36 Simple Stopwatch
Made in CHINA
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Simple Stopwatch

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