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The Pink Tower, The Broad Stair, The Red Rods Booklet Set

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These booklets tell stories about familiar materials in the Montessori classroom. Beginning readers are empowered when they are able to relate what’s on the page to actual experience. Includes six small booklets—two for each of three Sensorial materials (pink tower, broad stair, and red rods).

The first booklet describes the procedure for the activity: for example, “This is the Pink Tower... Get a mat. Put it on the floor... Hold each pink cube with both hands.”

The second booklets emphasize vocabulary related to the activity: “This is a large cube… This is a small cube.

In colors to match the apparatus. Paperback, 16 pages each.
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L900 Pink Tower Broad Stair - 6 Booklets
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The Pink Tower, The Broad Stair, The Red Rods Booklet Set

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