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Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Make a recycled bird feeder

Build it and they will come! Even better, build it in just a few minutes with a bottle from your recycling bin...

An ingenious, screw-in, weather-resistant zinc adaptor outfits any 2-liter plastic bottle with two perches and two small, gravity-fed seed bins — it's squirrel-proof, too!

Hang it where visiting birds can be observed; older children can fill the bottle using a funnel. Includes wire for hanging. Ages 4+.

Please note: This feeder fit all the 2-liter bottles we tried (including Coca-Cola brand and Pepsi brand). However, the feeder will only fit if all of the cap (including the plastic ring that stays on the bottle when the cap is twisted off) is completely removed. An adult may need to use scissors to cut off the ring.
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