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Parts of Leaf Photo Cards

Laminated Three-Part Photo Cards from Maitri Learning

Leaves are familiar, yet complex, structures.

Use this key material for introducing the anatomy of plants and exploring how anatomy influences botanical classification.

Set includes Three-Part Photo Cards for 10 parts: leaf, blade, margin, apex, base, primary veins, secondary veins, petiole, auxiliary bud, and stem.

Each part is isolated in its natural color while the rest recedes into the background in muted shades of gray.

Rounded corners prevent damage. Printed on recycled paper. Laminated. Control card with labels is 3½" x 4¼". Ages 3 - 10.

Please note: 5-mil laminate extends to edge of card, not beyond.

Save when you order all four Botany "Parts of..." Three-Part Card Sets (SC657, SC658).
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