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Plants We Eat Complete Set

Books, Cards & Replicards from In-Print For Children

Learn more about different edible parts of plants and classify 18 plant foods into six groups: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds.

The laminated cards and spiral-bound booklets show plants in the growing stage with only their edible parts in color.

Set highlights the following:
  • Roots: carrot, radish, sweet potato
  • Stems: asparagus, kohlrabi, potato
  • Leaves: lettuce, parsley, scallions
  • Flowers: artichoke, broccoli, violet
  • Fruit: cucumber, pineapple, tomato
  • Seeds: peanuts, rice, sunflower seeds
Cut apart the labeled picture/definition cards (6½" x 5½") for naming and two- or three-part reading activities. Definition cards can be used for "Who am I?" games. Spiral-bound booklets have 5 pages each.

Photocopy the unlaminated cardstock replicards (5½" x 4¾" after cutting) so children may make their own booklets. Teacher reference material included.

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