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Parts of the Fish Photo Cards

Laminated Three-Part External Anatomy Card Set from Maitri Learning

A common aquarium goldfish illustrates the typical external anatomy of a fish. Use these cards to teach 12 parts of the fish's body (plus the whole).

The photos isolate each part in its natural color while the rest of the fish recedes into the background in muted shades of gray.

13 subjects, 39 cards total in each set. Rounded corners prevent damage. Control card with label measures 3½" x 4¼". Printed on recycled paper and laminated. The 5-mil laminate extends just to the edge of each card, not beyond. Ages 3-10.

Parts include: fish, anal fin, dorsal fin, pectoral fins, pelvic fins, tail, lateral lines, head, gill covers, nostrils, eyes, mouth, and torso.

Please note: This set is part of the All Vertebrates "Parts of..." Cards (SC761).
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