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Parent Child Press Wholesale Customer Information

Parent Child Press
Becoming a Parent Child Press Wholesale Customer

Parent Child Press is a publishing company that is a division of Montessori Services. We offer wholesale pricing to libraries, book stores, and distributors.

If you think you qualify for wholesale pricing, please send us your company/institution name, mailing address, web url (if you sell online), contact person, email, and phone. Please request a credit application if you would like to receive payment terms. California retailers need to complete a California Resale Certificate and submit it with their first order to avoid being charged tax.

Ordering information

Phone - 877-975-3003 M-F 8:00-4:30 Pacific Time
Fax - 800-483-9822
Web -
Email -

In all cases, let us know that you are a distributor or bookstore so we apply the appropriate discount. If you place your order on our website, full prices will be shown. Be sure to indicate in the comments that you are a wholesale customer so that we can apply your discount before we ship your order.

Shipping charges from our standard shipping table will be added to your order (based on merchandise cost after discount) or you may provide your own UPS or FedEx shipper number.

Wholesale Discounts (based on full retail price and total number of books on order)
1-4 booksno discount
5-9 books35%
10-99 books40%
100+ books45%

Cosmic Wonder Set and Thoughtful Living Set are not sold wholesale. Please order the individual books that make up those sets.

Wholesale discounts will only be applied to books on the following list and only when multiple copies of a title are purchased.

Parent Child Press titles available from Montessori Services

Browse available titles here

Prices subject to change, updated 06/14

A108How to Use Child-Size Masterpieces$12.00
A109Child-Size Masterpieces - Easy$16.00
A110Child-Size Masterpieces - Intermediate$16.00
A111Child-Size Masterpieces - Advanced$16.00
A113Child-Size Masterpieces - Step 4$16.00
A112Child-Size Masterpieces - Step 5$16.00
A117Child-Size Masterpieces - Step 6/7$16.00
A118Child-Size Masterpieces - Step 8$16.00
A116Child-Size Masterpieces - Black Images$16.00
A151You Are an Artist$5.95
EM92The Deep Well of Time$24.95
L09Color Clues$9.95
L710The Red Letter Alphabet Book$20.00
L712The Blue Number Counting Book$15.00
MA104Math Works$14.95
R01Children of the Universe$24.95
R02I Wonder What's Out There$12.95
R08The Peace Rose$12.95
R10Andy and His Daddy$6.95
R20A Parents' Guide to the Montessori Classroom (Spanish)$7.00
R29When I Make Silence$5.00
R30Pledge to the Earth$5.00
R31I Offer You Peace$5.00
R32I Live In the Universe$5.00
R33I Know What Gravity Does$5.00
R34I Look Out at the Stars$5.00
R35I Travel On Planet Earth$5.00
R36How Big Is the Milky Way?$5.00
R37I Know the Sun Does Not Set$5.00
R38I Want to Hear the Quiet$5.00
R50Our Peaceful Classroom$12.95
R81Nurturing the Spirit (Spanish)$15.00
R86Nurturing the Spirit$15.00
R123A Parents' Guide to the Montessori Classroom$7.00
R126Montessori Insights$7.00
R145Intentional Connections$15.00
R175Living Creating Sharing - A Montessori Life$19.95
R225Learning How to Learn$25.00
R235Montessori for a Better World$15.00
R263My Shining Light$5.00
R264Love of Learning$16.95
SC862I Know How Seeds Grow$2.50

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You may return any item, for any reason, and receive an exchange,replacement, or refund.