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Color Clues

For Vowel Sounds from Parent Child Press

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Vowel sounds in the English language are the most difficult sounds to hear, pronounce, read, and spell. These color-coded word lists are designed to give a specific clue to the vowel sound in each word.

Color coding goes beyond just highlighting the vowel and vowel combinations in color. Each color highlight is deliberately chosen so the name of the color contains the sound which that particular color represents.

For example: the color red is used for the short "e" sound because the word "red" contains this sound. Thus, each color-coded word the child has an immediate clue to its pronunciation. Colors include red, indigo, tan, olive, rust, gray, green, lime, rose, blue, turquoise, purple, brown, orchid, and orange.

Introduce these cards to students who already know the consonant sounds and the common digraphs (phonograms) but find vowel sounds challenging. Color-coding can be extremely helpful to children who are struggling to decode words. This material can be used as a temporary aid to help achieve success.

  • 26 Color Coded Word Lists for Teaching Reading printed on 13 double-sided (5 ½" x 7 ½") cardstock cards
  • Instructions
  • Small Plastic Pocket Folder
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