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Honoring the Light of the Child - Book & CD

Activities to Nurture Peaceful Living Skills in Young Children From Shining Mountains Press

“The children especially relate to the concept of the love light—a simple yellow felt circle…The love light gives them a concrete symbol to express who they are—beings filled with love and light.”

Offer these 22 concrete activities to children and you will laugh and play together, while creating a nurturing classroom environment where children can successfully develop cooperation, self-confidence, and conflict-resolution skills.

Montessorian Sonnie McFarland considers “honoring the light of the child” to be one of the most compelling actions we can take at this time in human history. As Mahatma Gandhi once said in a letter to Maria Montessori, “If we are to have real peace, it must begin with the children.”

Paperback, 121 pages with 14 selection (all the songs included in the book) Peace through Music CD.
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Honoring the Light of the Child - Book & CD

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