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Geography Cards

70 oversize images from Maitri Learning

Introduce children to the wondrous variety of people and places on Earth through these beautiful photo cards.

With 10 parallel images for each of the 7 continents, these photo cards broadly represent life, landscape, and culture on Earth. Parallel images are intended to create an equitable and balanced view of life around the world and allow children to compare and contrast clothing, food, transportation, etc.

These inspiring photos will awaken children's interest and effortlessly support the development of expressive and receptive vocabulary.

Each continent packet contains one image for 10 clearly defined concepts/themes:
  • An iconic building
  • A school scene
  • An iconic animal
  • A street scene
  • An iconic vista
  • A parade
  • A beach
  • Food vendors
  • A market
  • People fishing
The back of each card shows an image of the continent (color-coded to match the Montessori continent map), the photo location, and additional information as needed. Seven packets (70 cards in all). Laminated cards are 8½" x 5½".

Keep this set organized with 7 Display/Storage Folders (C861), sold separately.
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