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Felt Table Mat

Wool-blend mat

This soft, wool-blend felt mat rolls easily and is ideal for use with much of the Montessori Sensorial apparatus. The material is 30% wool and 70% rayon. The serged edges are an attractive finishing touch. 17½" x 11½".

Available in: beige or gray.

Please note: These mats are also available as a 4 piece (2 beige, 2 gray) assortment.

Washing instructions below.
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X603B Felt Mat - Beige
Made in USA
53 In Stock
X603G Felt Mat - Gray
Made in USA
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Felt Table Mat

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Because felt is not a woven fabric the best way to clean these mats is to dry brush them with a soft-bristled brush. If the dry brush doesn't remove the debris then try a damp cloth and gently wipe.

If these steps don't work, the mat can be hand-washed (in a sink—not a machine) in cool water with something like Woolite. The mat should soak and the excess water should be gently squeezed (not wrung) out of the material.

This soak/squeeze process may need to be repeated (careful not to rub or twist) several times until it is clean. The mat should then be placed on a towel and allowed to air dry. Felt should never be machine-washed.