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Get to Know Rocks & Minerals

A complete curriculum for the study of rocks & minerals from Fossilicious.com

Porphyry, slate, dolomite, hematite, garnet — so many to discover! 60 stunning rock and mineral specimens convey the wonders of geology. Samples may vary. Sizes range from ¼" – 2"

  • 15 mineral pairs (30 pieces)
  • 5 pairs of igneous rock (10 pieces)
  • 5 pairs of metamorphic rock (10 pieces)
  • 5 pairs of sedimentary rock (10 pieces)
  • In each pair one specimen is labeled and one is unlabeled
  • Information cards for each specimen are included
  • Instructions for downloading an accompanying e-book are included with material
E-book includes extensive related curriculum materials, including lesson plans for 50+ Montessori Elementary activities for the study of rocks, minerals, plate tectonics, volcanoes, layers of the Earth, weathering, and more! E-book also includes lab sheets, charts, and graphs to accompany the lessons. Ages 5+.
Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
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