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Cretan Labyrinth

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The ancient seven-circuit Cretan or Classical design has been found in most cultures and was once used on Cretan coins. Labyrinths are often described as paths of wisdom and peace. One of the oldest of symbols, the labyrinth dates back more than 4000 years. Long used as a meditation and prayer tool, this ancient art form speaks to people of different backgrounds and various religions. The labyrinth symbol has occurred around the world in various cultures, at different points in time.

This personal “finger labyrinth” is perfect for a quiet space or peace table. Cast in a resin-based material. From Ireland. 7¼" in diameter x ½" high. Ages 4+. More about labyrinths below.
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C290 Cretan Labyrinth
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Cretan Labyrinth

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A labyrinth, unlike a maze, has only one path. It is unicursal – the way in is the way out. Labyrinths crafted from a variety of materials can be found in many sizes and shapes. Versions are used by schools, churches, hospitals, and businesses to calm the mind, revitalize the spirit, enhance problem solving, build community, and aid in stress reduction and healing.

Because labyrinths are right-brain activity enhancers, tracing a labyrinth path is calming for adults and children. They are commonly used as a tool for personal reflection, psychological and spiritual transformation, and comfort.