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Using Scissors Activity

Activity with cutting templates

By using a sequential set of cutting strips, children will develop and refine basic scissors skills. The teacher prepares cutting strips by photocopying the templates and then making strips by cutting on the dotted "prep" lines.

  • For the first attempt children will use the narrow blank strips (one snip wide).
  • Next they'll use the wider blank strips (2 snips wide).
  • When the child is proficient at two snips, introduce cutting on either vertical lines or diagonal lines.
  • Lastly, introduce the strips with curved lines. Show the child how to snip over the basket to collect the pieces for art projects.
  • Activity comes with two, double-sided cardstock template sheets:
    Template 1: Blank strips (1 snip & 2 snips), Vertical lines
    Template 2: Diagonal lines, Curved lines

    Set includes:
  • Kinder Scissors (A158)
  • Small Round Bamboo Basket (K12)
  • Acrylic Card/Napkin Holder (X22)
  • Bamboo Potato Basket (K27)
  • Basic Cutting Templates (A35)
  • Colored Paper Strips Assortment
  • 5 Vinyl Envelopes
  • Presentation Suggestions
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    Using Scissors Activity

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