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Economy Silver Polishing

Classroom activity set

An affordable way to add this classic activity to your classroom. Look for silver pieces at garage sales or thrift shops or ask your families if they have pieces that they'd like polished.

To keep the price down, we've included only must-have components, tucked into a durable, washable, polypropylene basket; just add your own apron and mat.

Watching the tarnish disappear with a little rubbing is very exciting for children.

Set includes: Please note: This item cannot be shipped to addresses outside of the U.S. and Canada.
Caution: As with all household chemicals, use carefully. Adult discretion is necessary when allowing access to these products by young children. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
You may return any item, for any reason, and receive an exchange, replacement or refund.

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