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Child-Size Masterpieces Starter Set with Folders

A complete art appreciation unit with storage folders from Parent Child Press

Now standard in Montessori classrooms nationwide, Aline Wolf's program for Primary through Elementary-age children makes teaching art appreciation easy. Beginning with matching activities, the exercises gradually increase in difficulty. Ages 3 - 9.

Set includes:
  • How to Use Child-Size Masterpieces for Art Appreciation (A108)
  • Child-Size Masterpieces Art Collections, Steps 1, 2, & 3 (A109, A110, A111)
  • Black Images (A116)
  • 17 Small Plastic Pocket Folders (X630)
The How to Use... book is a 72-page guide used to implement this program.

Each of the art collection books contains postcard-size images of paintings from all periods of art history. Chosen to appeal to young children, each reproduction is color-coded and imprinted on back with title/artist.

Use any of these collection books for step 1 (matching identical paintings), step 2 (pairing companion paintings), and step 3 (grouping four paintings by one artist). Black Images has painting that can be used in steps 1-4.

Differences and similarities are easiest to see in Level 1, and become increasingly challenging in successive levels.

Each postcard book contains 36 reproductions. To make cards, cut out the 4¾" x 6½" images and laminate, if desired.
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