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The Child's Tools

Laminated Three-Part Vocabulary / Reading Photo Cards from Maitri Learning

These cards give children a chance to use their burgeoning woodworking vocabulary for matching games and early reading activities.

A perfect extension of woodworking, this card set includes many of the tools we carry.

Rounded corners prevent damage. Printed on recycled paper. 12 subjects, 36 cards in all. Control card with label measures 3½" x 4¼". 5-mil laminate extends just to the edge of each card, not beyond.

Use with Three-Part Card pockets (L536).

Subjects include: hammer (Hammer, V508), hand drill, hex nut driver (Hex Nut Driver, V06D), level (Compact Level, V59), measuring tape, toolbox, vise, safety goggles, sanding block (Sanding Block, V516), saw (Handy Saw Set, V560), screwdriver (Stubby Screwdriver, V08D), and tool belt (Tool Belt, V505).

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