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Chalkboards & Display Stand

4 Chalkboards & Stand from LORD Company

An appealing overall presentation of four sturdy, long-lasting chalkboards for writing practice, displayed in a well-made slotted wooden holder. The lines on these chalkboards are easily seen when displayed in the sturdy wooden holder.

These chalkboards have an excellent writing surface which won’t become glossy with use.

Start with writing single letters on the Blank Chalkboard (LC19), then introduce the Base Line for more refined practice with letters. Next introduce the Extended Line, which helps children learn where ascenders and descenders go. Use the Grid Square for practice writing numbers.

Clean chalkboards with a damp cloth. The display stand, made of pressboard with lacquer finish, has rounded edges. 12" x 9" each.
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LC16 Four Chalkboards & Display Stand
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Chalkboards & Display Stand

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