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  1. Clear Vanity Tray

    Clear Vanity Tray

    This sturdy acrylic tray has many features including extended handles, straight sides that contain spills, and a textured inner surface. 11" x 6" x 1¼" deep. Learn More
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  2. Clear Acrylic Tray

    Clear Acrylic Tray

    A clear tray can be used with any activity. The perfect size for small transfer or pouring activities. If desired, color-code trays with colored dots, tape, or felt. Raised edges prevent slipping. 7½" x 5½"overall; ½" deep. Learn More
  3. Pouring Variation 3

    Pouring Variation 3 - Pouring Variation & Extension

    Developed by an experienced Montessori teacher, this pouring extension & variation presents a unique challenge--pouring from one tiny pitcher with a dainty handle to another. Presentation suggestions included Learn More
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  4. Pouring Variation 1

    Pouring Variation 1 - Pouring Variation & Extension

    Presents pouring with two 3 ounce stainless steel creamers. Once children have mastered the basics, give them many opportunities to refine their skills in new ways. Presentation suggestions included. Learn More
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  5. Making a Cotton Applicator Activity

    Making a Cotton Applicator Activity - Complete classroom activity set

    This activity isolates just one step of a polishing exercise — making a cotton swab to apply the polish. Twisting tiny pieces of cotton around the ends of the Orange Sticks is a fascinating fine-motor challenge for young children. Learn More
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  6. Spooning Activities

    Spooning Activities - Mix & match your own spooning sets

    Combine (and recombine) these intriguing components to create fresh variations to challenge your children all year. Learn More
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  7. Small Tongs Activities

    Small Tongs Activities - Complete classroom activity set

    First use pom poms, Oyster Cups, and the Strawberry-Shaped Huller… next time use beans, Lotus Bowls, and tension tongs. You’ll think of more variations! Learn More
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