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  1. Medium Colored Plastic Boxes

    Medium Colored Plastic Boxes

    10 colors to match the chain colors in the Montessori (Nienhuis) Bead Cabinet. Medium boxes are 1 5/8" square x 2 7/8" high; specify color. Learn More
  2. Boxes for Cubing Chain Labels Set

    Boxes for Cubing Chain Labels Set

    Perfect for cubing (long) chain labels, the set includes five Medium (B530) five and five Large (B100) Colored Plastic Boxes in colors to match each chain. Learn More
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  3. The Article Game

    The Article Game - Classroom-ready language activity set

    Our classroom-ready set provides ten phonetic objects and the labels you need to successfully illustrate the difference between “a” and “the”. Learn More
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  4. Phonetic Object Box 2

    Phonetic Object Box 2 - Complete phonogram language set

    Introduce combinations of letters/sounds (such as sh or ee), by placing one of these small objects with its word label in a set of phonetic objects. The word for each object contains one of the key phonogram sounds. Learn More
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  5. Phonetic Object Box 1

    Phonetic Object Box 1 - Early reading actvitity

    This first independent reading activity allows children to experience an "ah-ha" moment when they discover they can understand someone else's thoughts. 30 objects and durable, waterproof labels; 2½" x 1". Learn More
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  6. Embroidery Exercise

    Embroidery Exercise - Shelf-ready sequential sewing activity

    Precise control is required to make cross-stitches look neat on the squares of gingham fabric. Developed by an experienced Montessori teacher, the set is color-coded and includes suggestions for presentation and extensions. Learn More
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  7. Button Sewing Exercise

    Button Sewing Exercise - Shelf-ready sequential sewing activity

    This activity allows children to practice more complex sewing tasks, such as measuring and cutting thread, threading a sharp needle, tying knots, and sewing buttons to fabric. Learn More
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